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Cooked Tiger Prawns

Cooked Tiger Prawns

These Cooked, Tail-on Tiger Prawns are from the same producer in the Far East as our King Prawns.  A representative from Fish Fanatics recently visited the processing plant over there and was stunned by the quality control and attention to detail.  We have only recently discovered these delicious Tiger Prawns and have already built up an enviable reputation for them.  Each bag contains at least 45 and they are individually frozen so you can take them out one by one. 

  • Shelled
  • Tail-on
  • Cooked
  • Individually quick frozen





Health Benefit

  • Heart
Min 454g (1lb)
Ave 25 per bag
Total Weight
Min 454g (1lb )
Far East
6 - 10
In stock

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